Santosh Varki Has To Say About Honey Rose

Santhosh Varki aka Aarattu Annan has come up with a new video. Santhoshwarki has shared the video through his YouTube channel. This time Aratannan’s words are about Honey Rose. Aaratan’s discovery is that actress Honey Rose is currently the hottest actress in South India. But Santosh says that although Honey Rose is hot, it cannot be said to be beautiful.’I can’t say they are beautiful but they are very hot, were Santosh’s words. Santosh says that such scenes are played by Honey Rose and there are many scenes in the film like the lip lock scene with Murali Gopi in the film One by Two and there are such scenes in any film with Fahadh Faasil. Santhosh added that Honey Rose is not at all image conscious and will do whatever role she is given and she has no hesitation in doing intimate C.

Khadap said that Honey Rose can’t be said to be beautiful and she doesn’t think she’s beautiful but she’s hot and sexy. Aratt Annan said that there is a difference between saying that someone is hot and saying that someone is beautiful, and those who are hot are not necessarily beautiful and those who are beautiful are not necessarily hot. However, some people say that Aishwarya is hot and beautiful, while Honey Rose is hot but not beautiful, Santosh Varki said on his Facebook page. Santhosh Varki became a star after reviewing Mohanlal’s Aarat directed by B. Unnikrishnan. Since then, Santosh has acquired the nickname Aaratnan. Santosh Varki’s interviews saying that he wants to marry actress Nithya Menon went viral on social media in a big way.