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Thursday September 21, 2023 : 7:03 PM
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Sanjjanaa Galrani makes a statement after the cab driver incident

Bengaluru cabbie files a complaint against Kannada entertainer for ‘mishandling’ him

Kannada actress Sanjjanaa Galrani ended up in one more spot of trouble as of late. While in transit to her shooting area on Tuesday, October 5th, Sanjjanaa engaged in a quarrel with a taxi driver. It wound up in the entertainer dwelling a police objection for purportedly being kidnapped. While the issue was settled before long, it turns out the taxi driver later recorded a protest against Sanjjanaa Galrani expressing that he was abused by the entertainer.

Sanjjanaa Galrani4
Sanjjanaa Galrani

The occurrence took place when the taxi driver, supposedly, wouldn’t turn the vehicle’s air conditioner system. This was on referring to the Covid convention, and the matter is said to have a left hand when Sanjjanaa took to Twitter to report the driver to his proprietor organization. Sanjjanaa later settled on an SOS call to the police attributable to the trouble from the driver.

Be that as it may, Sanjjanaa has responded to the entire furor on the web by sharing a nitty-grittyWomen explanation. Expressing that she hadn’t manhandled the driver with one single word, the ‘Ganda Hendathi’ entertainer shed light all in all procedures and shared that she reached the police just when things gained out of influence however ultimately withdrawn her grumbling since she didn’t need the objection to influence his work.

Sanjjanaa Galrani
Sanjjanaa Galrani

“So many women are insulted and off-boarded the cabs in spite of paying full fees, I refused to be that woman… it’s my right as a customer to ask for good service after paying full charges for the cab. Simple, no more stories,” composed Sanjjanaa Galrani in the wake of portraying the whole episode.

The Rajarajeshwarinagar police are looking into the matter.

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