Saniya Says That She Is Still A Child In Everyone’s Mind

In a very short time, the actress named Saniya has become the favorite star of the Malayalees. However, the actress also receives big trolls. The actress is talking about the bad experience she faced in this situation. In an interview given to Dhanya Verma, Saniya said all this. She did not get any roles after Queen. Saniya also openly says that those who acted in Queen used to call here and there and ask if something happened.
Then one day a call came from Ashirwad Cinemas looking for Saniya. Saniya says that she was told about doing a film called Lucifer and that she didn’t mind any character and decided to do it.

Saniya says that it was a big surprise for her. Prithviraj told her about her character and then gave her a warning. Prithviraj told Saniya that she should think twice before doing this film. Now she has done it as a heroine. But Prithviraj said that if he does Lucifer, he will become a child actor again and then everyone will see him as a child, so he should think about it. Saniya says that all they come to her later are child characters and she is still a child in everyone’s mind. Saniya also says that many people have told her that she was not cast in this role because she was a child. The actor also points out that all the roles he got later were very young.