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Samvrutha’s picture getting the attention of fans, ‘Is age in reverse gear!’

Samvrutha Sunil new Picture getting viral

Samvrutha Sunil has become a favorite actress among the Malayalees through a handful of good movies. Though not very active in Samvrutha movies after marriage, Malayalam cinema fans have not lost any love for Samvrutha. Fans always love to know the highlights of Samvrutha and see the pictures. From time to time, he shares his experiences with closed fans through social media. Now a picture shared on closed Instagram is getting the attention of the fans. Fans have taken over the picture, which was shared with the caption ‘Thank you for all the love’. Samvrutha shared a picture of herself standing in a black gown on the shores of a lake in the United States. Fans have come up with the question of whether the film is in ‘age reverse gear’.

Samvrutha Sunil

Samvrutha Sunil

Close-ups often share pictures of their partner and children on Instagram. Rudra’s youngest son celebrated his first birthday last February. Rudra, a young son celebrating his first birthday, shared a picture on Instagram with the caption, “Our baby is one year old today.”

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