Sam will fly to America for treatment soon! What happened to Samantha’s health !

Actress Samantha is a leading actress who has attracted a large number of fans in India. While his subsequent films including Yashoda are getting ready for release, she is getting involved in subsequent films. As she has paired up with Akshay Kumar in Bollywood as well, she has increased her salary dramatically. Actress Samantha has been a leading actress in South Indian languages ​​for over 10 years.

She has acted with Kollywood actors including Vijay and Surya. Similarly, she has given many excellent films to the fans in Telugu as well. Her marriage and divorce with Naga Chaitanya have not affected her career and she is doing well. Her recent release in Tamil, Kathu Vaakula Rendu Kadhal, got him great reviews. The character of Khadija, which she played in this film, has made her a favorite among the fans.

While Samantha has previously acted in films like Theri and Mersal with Vijay, she has entered the favorite list of fans. He proved that he is always a leading man by acting with leading actors one after the other. Currently, the films Yasoda and Khushi are going to be released successively with her acting. Samantha has been active on social media. No photo shoot of him has been published in recent times.

In between, Yashoda announced the teaser. However, now the reason for this has been revealed. It is said that Samantha has a problem with her face and that is why she is not taking pictures regularly. Earlier, she faced similar problems in her debut. While it was fixed then, now Samantha is facing the same problem again. After this, there are reports that Samantha will fly to America for treatment soon.