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Salman Khan’s day in jail: Meets Preity Zinta and sisters Arpita Khan Sharma and Alvira Agnihotri, lunch and snooze

Salman Khan has been indicted by the Jodhpur court in the 1998 blackbuck poaching case. Salman has been condemned to five years detainment. He was taken straightforwardly to the Jodhpur focal correctional facility where he spent the previous evening.

Salman Khan’s safeguard supplication was to be heard today by the Sessions court. In any case, the court held its request in the safeguard hearing till tomorrow. Salman subsequently, spent the day in prison. Salman Khan traded merriments with Asaram Bapu, who is held up in the following garisson huts.

Salman Khan’s day begun at 8.15 AM in the prison. Toward the beginning of the day, dear companion Preity Zinta touched base inside the correctional facility to meet the performing artist. Preity Zinta was clicked by the paparazzi as she touched base in Jodhpur early morning.

Salman and Preity spent around 20 minutes talking. Next, Salman’s sisters Alvira Agnihotri and Arpita Khan Sharma landed to meet him. The two spent near 25 minutes with the on-screen character.

The DIG (Jail) Vikram Singh said that for the most part guests are just conceded a gathering with a detainee following 15 days, yet in a few conditions they can permit gatherings before that time.

Salman Khan had denied supper the previous evening and did not eat toward the beginning of the day. In any case, he ate involving blended vegetable, lentils and chapatti.

Salman rested for three hours toward the evening after lunch. He was to be given his correctional facility uniform today however the DIG educated the media, “Salman Khan was in his garments on Friday in light of the fact that the prison uniform for him is being sewed.”


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