Robin Has Not Been Active On Social Media Lately The Reason For This Has Now Been Revealed

Dr. Robin became a star in Bigg Boss season four. Robin Radhakrishnan has many fans. Robin has not been very active on social media lately. The reason for this has now been revealed. Robin said in an interview on a YouTube channel that health is the most important thing now. He said that he will come back with strength. He was sleeping less and not eating on time. It was like that for a long time. So rest. Robin said that the body is recharging and coming back stronger.

Everyone has seen life after Bigg Boss. I was like this even before that. If you think I’m down, I’ll be back for double that. Once I’ve been told I can’t do something, I keep hearing it. It will be done slowly and shown. I’m not terribly talented. But is this world only for those who have the talent to live? Only those who have talent can become famous. Robin says that ordinary people can become famous if they want to.