Ritesh Deshmukh Expresses His Anger Over Unfortunate Deaths Of 60 Kids

Some news breaks our hearts into smallest of pieces and what has occurred in Gorakhpur is one such news. Because of the carelessness of healing facility experts, more than 60 kids including infants have passed on at Baba Raghav Das Medical College clinic in Gorakhpur region, Uttar Pradesh over the most recent 5 days.

While the charges of carelessness have been turned around UP’s therapeutic training clergyman Ashutosh Tondon saying, “There have been no passings because of absence of oxygen supply by likewise including that the region justice of Gorakhpur has requested an examination and “the report will be out inside 24 hours”.

Notwithstanding, a main media association has conveyed a duplicate of the letter that was sent to the doctor’s facility cautioning that in the event that they don’t settle the unpaid bills then they will have it to cut the oxygen supply.

What’s more, now, the check has crossed 60, which in fact mirrors the tragic situation in our nation. Responding to the news, VIPs like Riteish Deshmukh, Neha Dhupia and Mini Mathur took to Twitter to respond.