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Richa Chadda to star in actress Shakeela’s biopic !!

Just a modest bunch of performing artists, who are fit for unimaginable screen identity, can set out to take up parts which go ahead to wind up essential.

On-screen character Vidya Balan once took such a risk with the film Dirty Picture and received mind boggling rewards out of it. The film, in those days, turned into a thundering accomplishment when a female hero wasn’t such a typical pattern in standard Indian silver screen.

Presently, joining this club is on-screen character Richa Chadda who is good to go to rudder the biopic on Shakeela, one of the greatest performing artists from the 90s. Hailing from Kerala, Shakeela has showed up in a few pornos in dialects traversing Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

The biopic with Richa at its inside will tell the story of Shakeela from when she entered the film business at 16 years old and will follow her life travel from that point.

Not long after Shakeela turned into a seething achievement in silver screen, impacting the world forever more than ever, her movies weren’t just named in Indian dialects yet additionally in Chinese, Nepalese and a few others. Shakeela turned into a mainstream figure in the film business when the field was generally ruled by men.

Richa’s representative has stated, “The film is the narrative of Shakeela, a standout amongst the most well known performing artists from Malayalam silver screen from the 90s who rose to a fabulous measure of acclaim. Her fans were spread crosswise over Asia and she earned pomp as a lady which in those days was inconceivable. The film’s content was energizing and is an incredible story to recount and the story will make for an awesome look for the gathering of people. The arrangements will start soon and the film ought to go on floors in end of April or May.”

The movie is being coordinated by Indrajit Lankesh who has won a few honors in his vocation that started in 2001. The film will go on floors this April and will discharge in mid 2019.

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