Rana Daggubati Opened Up About His Physical Problems

Rana Daggubati was the star who became the anti-hero in Baahubali, who created amazing scenes in the history of Indian cinema. That life was more eventful and inspiring than a movie. Rana has opened up about the rocky and thorny path he has followed between life and death.

In an interview after the release of Baahubali, Rana revealed that he has no vision in his right eye. Their right eye was blind since childhood. Rana disclosed the kidney transplant during the promotion event which was held in connection with the release of the new web series Rana Naidu in which Rana played the central role.

The actor inspires society with his life. Many people are devastated by these experiences, but try to overcome them and move on. The mind should not get tired of the problems of the body and rise up, only confidence is enough to overcome any crisis. The dark days of life have passed. “Cinema gave me the energy to live there,” says Rana.