Ramesh Pisharati Says That Mammootty Will Not Avoid The Responsibility Of The Film’s Failure

Ramesh Pisharati is a shining star as an actor, mime artist, and director. Ramesh Pisharadi entered the film industry with the film Nasrani released in 2007 starring Mammootty. After that, the actor, who played big and small roles in many films, also directed the films Panchavarna Tatta and Ganagandharvan. Mammootty played the lead role in the 2019 film Gana Gandharvan. Now, actor Ramesh Pisharadi says Mammootty is one of his biggest influences.


Ramesh Pisharati said that Mammootty will not shy away from the responsibility of a failed film and is ready to take risks. Ramesh spoke about Mammootty in an interview given to Wonderwall Media. Mammooka influences me a lot, in many ways and in taking some decisions. He will not shirk the responsibility of a failed film. A film may succeed or fail. He has something to say, and what we hear is a story. The product is film. When it comes to a movie, sometimes it can be different. There is a case of taking risks, said Ramesh Pisharati. Ramesh also shared his experience on the plane with Mohanlal in the interview. Once I was on a plane with a lullaby on it.