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Rahul Ravindran’s Howrah Bridge 1st Look Design

The first look and title of ‘Howrah Bridge’ starring Rahul Ravindran, Chandini Chowdary and Manali Rathod in the lead cast, has been launched today, i.e. on April 23 in Hyderabad. After a small break, Rahul Ravindran is returning with a bang with an interesting story directed by Ravan Yadu. The film is being made under E Studios Pvt. Ltd. Banner.

On this occasion, hero Rahul Ravindran said, “There is a big reason behind choosing the title ‘Howrah Bridge’. But, as of now, we don’t want to reveal the reason. The film will be like a bridge to the human relations. Chandini Chowdary played a wonderful role in the film. Iam sure the film will earn fame to Manali Rathod. Director Revan has good clarity on his work. Wonderful visuals will entertain audience for sure. Shooting part will be completed with some talkie part and with just two songs.”

Watch : Howrah Bridge 1st Look Design

Chandini Chowdary said, “I played a wonderful character in the film. I am thankful to the director Revan for designing a good character for me. Working with hero Rahul is a beautiful experience. I wish the film will earn good name to the entire team.”

Another heroine Manali Rathod said, “My character in the film is very fresh and different. Our director told me not to reveal my character as of now. I became big fan of Rahul after watching ‘Andala Rakshasi’. He is my favourite artist.”

Briefing about the film’s details, director Revan Yadu said, “This is my second project. ‘Boochamma Boochodu’ has earned good name and recognition to me. Rahul Ravindran is a good performer. The story of ‘Howrah Bridge’ will be very interesting set in the backdrop of a bridge. We are planning to release the teaser in the first week of May, audio in the second week and the film by the end of May.”

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