Priyanka Chopra’s Shocking Revelation

Bollywood star beauty Priyanka Chopra openly says that she has faced discrimination because of her color in film. When auditioning for a movie, if you were white, you would get a chance sooner. Often whitewashed for characters. In the movie, the lyrics of the song had the epithet, milk-colored girl. Priyanka says she was white as milk while shooting this song. Priyanka also revealed acting in the advertisement of fairness creams. Priyanka also said that she acted in advertisements for cosmetics as part of her career.

Priyanka printed about appearing in the commercial for equity creams. Priyanka stated that she acted in classified ads for cosmetics as a section of her career. Bollywood superstar splendor Priyanka Chopra overtly says that she has confronted discrimination due to the fact of her color in the film. When auditioning for a movie, if you had been white, you would get a hazard sooner.