Priyamani’s Bhamakalapam Movie Review And Rating


Priyamani’s most recent project, Bhamakalapam is directed by Abhimanyu Tadimeti.

After Family Man 2, Priyamani is back with another excursion named Bhamakalapam. Featured by Bharat Kamma, Bhamakalapam is a delightful thrill ride with components of dark comedy. Bhamakalapam has a few truly astonishing thoughts and director Abhimanyu executes them generally. However, the team likewise leaves a few glaring mistakes, which are difficult to look past.

Bhamakalapam spins around numerous sub-plots. A group headed by Nayar (John Vijay) is searching for a Faberge egg worth Rs 200 crore. In the meantime, a home cook, Anupama Mohan (Priyamani), who runs a YouTube channel, is known for gossiping. Her curiosity handles her in a difficult situation. There is an endless series of murders. How Priyamani emerges from this wreck shapes the story.

Bhamakalapam begins a promising note. We see a lamb crossing the patch which results in a car accident. This accident changes the lives of a bunch of people. Director Abhimanyu’s screenplay takes the non-straight course and it helps in keeping in intact with suspense.

Anupama and her home assistant Shilpa (Sharanya Pradeep) try to cover up a murder. This specific part is elegantly finished with the right portions of comedy and thriller.

Here is the trailer of Bhamakalapam:

One of the positive parts of Bhamakalapam is the presence of solid female characters. Practically every one of the male characters goes about as impetuses. It is the ones who take the story forward. Be it Priyamani’s controlled exhibition or Sharanya Pradeep’s easy characterization, the film has invigorating thoughts executed flawlessly. A pregnant female investigation officer (Shanti Rao) and a domestic abuse survivor named Saira add suspense to the story.

There are some loopholes that spoil the entire mood the director built all along. The climax revelation is stretched beyond a point and hence it doesn’t create the desired impact.

Bhamakalapam is a flawlessly created thriller done well generally. If only the logical loopholes were taken care of, the film would have had a superior effect.

2.5 stars out of 5 for Bhamakalapam.