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Priyamani was criticized by fans, says ‘ May God never give a wife like you’!


Priyamani is the star of South Indian cinema. She won the National Award for Best Actress. Priyamani has now become a strong presence in the web series world with her series Family Man. The second season of The Family Man series starring Manoj Vajpayee and Priyamani was released recently. Family Man was able to become a huge success in the second coming as well. Priyamani says that along with the popularity of the series, her character has faced a lot of criticism. Priyamani opened her mind in an interview given to the media.


Priyamani says that all the criticisms and reactions to her character are an achievement.  I believe what I did was right. You can criticize me and hate me. But then I realized that my character was right and had grown from the first season to the second. I still get messages that you should not have done that to Srikanth. Messages are coming in every day. I do not intend to respond.


Even if you share pictures on Instagram, there are those who comment that you did not do that for Aravind. There are those who say that you cheated on Srikanth. I do not intend to respond to that. I will only burst out laughing. That means my acting has made an impact. That’s why they hate me. So I take it as a positive response to my performance. That is what Priyamani says. Anti-feminism in-jokes.


Priyamani also opened her mind about the misogyny in the jokes. Anti-feminism has a long history. We can’t just hold people back and tell them this is the case. But if it had been done by a man, people would not have questioned it. Then take it easy. But people do not like it when a woman goes through the problem and tries and tries but does not get it right and goes for counseling. Still, tell your husband, to be honest, says Priyamani. A wife likes you.


Some people even send the message that God will not give a wife like you even if you give two loaves of bread. There is no way to explain to everyone that this is a reel and that I am an actress. People even say that you will never be happy in life. I often wonder what that means. It’s okay to like or dislike the character. But why take it personally? Priyamani asks.

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