Pranitha Subhash shares a glimpse of her baby on Instagram


Pranitha Subhash, an actress from Hungama 2 who recently decided to become a mother, is making the most of her time with her infant. The actress has been giving her fans sneak glances of her new daughter ever since she gave birth to her. The new mother recently published a photo in which she is seen tenderly kissing her baby child on the cheek. She may be seen kissing her husband Nithiin Raju on the cheeks in a different slide.

Pranitha Subhash has been a highly busy new mother since giving birth, and her followers are inspired by her spirit. Even from her post-natal photo shoot, she shared some images on Instagram. She is shining while posing in a yellow desi outfit and wearing minimal makeup.

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With some images from the hospital and a note, Pranitha Subhash shared the news of the birth of a child. She wrote, “The last few days have been surreal … ever since our baby girl was born…I was really lucky to have a gynecologist mom, but for her, this was the hardest time emotionally. Thankfully we had Dr. Sunil Ishwar and his team at Aster Rv that made sure my delivery was smooth. Also wanted to thank Dr. Subbu, our anesthetist, and his team who made sure the process was as less painful as possible. Can’t wait to share my birth story with you all.”

Fans are now anticipating what Pranitha Subhash has in store for them going forward. Since being pregnant, she has yet to sign a new project. The actress, meantime, has not yet shared the name of her child.