PranayaVilasam Movie Taken Up By Family Audience

Films that tell love stories are rarely taken up by family audiences. But if they get such acceptance, they move towards success. Pranaya Vilasam is a new film that can be discussed in Malayalam cinema. Along with the young audience, families also come to watch the film.

The story of the movie moves through many loves of different eras. The film tells that the emotional levels of love are the same whether it is the old generation or the new generation. The theme of the film is the love life of six people: a father, mother, son, son’s lover, father’s ex-lover, and mother’s lover. The film, which is made in a very heart-touching manner with little jokes and emotional moments, is getting a good response from the family audience.

There are many love stories in the simple storyline. Some of them take the audience back to the nostalgic old days of romance. If the first half deals with friendship, love, and family, the second half deals with the father-son relationship and the quest for love. Directed by newcomer Nikhil Murali, the story has been written by Jyotish M and Sunu AV. Arjun Ashokan, Mamita,