Pranav Mohan Back To Vineeth Srinivasan Movie

Pranav Mohanlal is a Malayalee’s favorite star even though he has acted in only a handful of films. Pranav’s latest release is Hridiyam, who loves traveling more than movies. The film was directed by Vineeth Srinivasan. Malayalees are now waiting to know the new movie of Pranav who has finally returned home after a year-long journey. On this occasion, there are reports that Vineeth Srinivasan and Pranam are reuniting.

Discussions on Twitter say that the script of the film has been completed. It is also reported that the shooting will begin in the middle of this year. Dhyan Srinivasan is also rumored to be in the film. Earlier too there were rumors that Vineeth and Pranam were reuniting. Meanwhile, Vineeth had recently said that if everything falls into place, he hopes to announce the new film within two weeks. The film will tell the story of five young people. Vineeth said that three of them have been decided and the film will be announced once the other two are decided. Fans are asking if this is a film with Pranav.