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Thursday September 21, 2023 : 6:25 PM
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Prabhudeva starrer ‘Theal’ is a remake of Korean film ‘Pieta’; Check review

Theal Synopsis

A woman walks into the life of a debt collector, who works for a loan shark, claiming to be his mother. He tries to turn over a new leaf moved by her affection, but can he do so after having ruined the lives of so many people?

Theal Cast and Crew

Prabhudeva, Samyukta, Eshwari Rao, Yogi Babu, Harikumar( Director)

Theal Trailer

Theal Review

Something that strikes you directly in the underlying scenes of Theal is the way calm it is for a movie including savagery. The scenes work out in a slow way, there is part of quiet, permitting the scenes to inhale, the pitiful stylish visual tone, with irritable lighting (the cinematography is by Vignesh Vasu), strikes simultaneously. Every one of these adds to make the film very captivating. It is then that you understand how successfully debutant director Harikumar (a notable choreographer and entertainer as of now) has imbibed the essence of this film’s inspiration – Korean auteur Kim Ki-duk’s Pieta (2012). The filmmaker introduces the Korean film’s impact directly in the title card, including a card to say thanks to Kim Ki-duk, who is given story credit.Theal
Harikumar sets the story against the background of the Koyambedu market, where Paulraj (Shathru), a predatory lender, loans cash at a high premium to the businesspeople. The individuals who neglect to repay the cash are given a unique treatment by their debt collector Dorai (Prabhudeva). Having grown up as a vagrant, Durai has no doubts about genuinely attacking the hapless casualties of Paulraj. He whips a man before his little child, cuts off another’s arm, and even hits a pleading woman who offers to have sex with him so that he doesn’t harm her husband.
In the interim, a moderately aged lady (Eswari Rao) shows up in his life professing to be his mom. He drives her away more than once and even attacks her, however, she does not leave him. Slowly, he begins to acknowledge her and mellows down while cash collection. Be that as it may, would he be able to make a fresh start, particularly in the wake of having demolished the existences of such countless individuals?Theal 3
Theal is a surprisingly effective drama that is well-made with performances. Indeed, a significant part of the film’s enthusiastic effect comes from the composition, which it owes to the Korean film (this is to a great extent a subjugated variation), yet the filmmaking is additionally sufficiently strong. Excepting a two-part harmony in the final part, among Durai and Thilaka (Samyuktha Hegde), which is apparently off from the rest of the film (the sentiment point is one of the film’s couples of frustrations), Harikumar refrains from adding unnecessary commercial elements. This focus helps in keeping us hooked. Prabhudeva is amazing as always however rough Durai, and Eswari Rao is awesome as the mother. The scenes between the two entertainers sufficiently influence, and furthermore, have a demeanor of secret around them as the director keeps us in tension with regards to the mother.

Theal Rating

3.0/ 5

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