Popular actor Dileep’s abduction case opened again

The actress was kidnapped and assaulted in a moving vehicle in Kochi on February 17, 2017, and Dileep was arrested in July 2017 regarding the case. He was in jail for a few days prior to getting bail.

Famous entertainer Dileep, who is charged in the infamous actress abduction case, on Wednesday experienced a shock when the police moved toward the trial court looking for a further test for the situation in the light of new disclosures. This development came at a time when the trial in the case before a special court here was all set to end shortly.

He has been named as a backstabber for the situation, being accused of “revenge crime”. The police filed the petition before the court after film director Balachandra Kumar’s disclosure when he said soon after Dileep was released on bail, he saw the visuals of the assault on the actress in the car.

Kumar additionally guaranteed that the visuals were given over to the entertainer by a VIP and he was aware of this. Unexpectedly till now, it is just the trial court that has seen these clear lines of sight and assumed that the statement of Kumar is valid, then, at that point, it will be a significant issue.

A woman actor was allegedly kidnapped and sexually abused while traveling to Kochi for work in February 2017. The crime was allegedly also filmed by the accused. Malayalam movie star Dileep, the eighth accused in the case, was arrested in July 2017 and released two months later on bail.