Odiyan Box Office: First Day Live Updates

odiyan (2)
odiyan (2)

Odiyan Box Office Collection Report, Full Review and Rating

Odiyan is a Indian Malayalam-language fantasy triller film directed by V. A. Shrikumar Menon; it is his feature-film debut. The film was written by Harikrishnan; it is based on the legend of the Odiyan clan, who in Kerala folklore are men who have shapeshifting abilities and can assume animal forms. Odiyans are said to have inhabited the Malabar region of Kerala before the widespread use of electricity. The film stars Mohanlal in the title role, alongside Prakash Raj and Manju Warrier; it was produced by Antony Perumbavoor through Aashirvad Cinemas.
Mohanlal starrer Odiyan has earned 100 crore in its pre-release business. It is the first Malayalam film to achieve this Record. This is the rights and pre-booking sale combined figure. 3rd film in south and 11th in Indian cinema history.

Odiyan Box Office Live Updates

Odiyan is sure to enjoy a grand opening weekend and the advance booking would solely be enough to bring in huge collections. The movie is touted to become the top opening weekend grosser among the Malayalam movies. At present, the record for the maximum number of admits on opening weekend for a South Indian movie, is being held by Baahubali 2. According to Forum Keraqlam, Baahubali 2 had 233K admits on its 2-days long weekend. There are chances for Odiyan to break this record as well. According to a recent Facebook post of Forum Keralam, the film will have 450 shows in the UAE/GCC regions alone on its very first day.

Satellite rights – Rs 21 crore [Asianet – Rs 14 crore, Amritha TV – Rs 7 crore]

GCC rights – Rs 2.9 crore

Other overseas rights – Rs 1.8 crore

Telugu rights – Rs 5.2 crore

Tamil rights – Rs 4 crore

ROI rights – Rs 2 crore

Audio & other rights – Rs 1.8 crore

Theatre advance – Rs 17 crore

Hindi rights + Satellite rights – Rs 4 crore

Tamil satellite rights – Rs 3 crore

Telugu satellite rights – Rs 3 crore

Fans Shows Pre-sales + Advance booking in Kerala – Rs 5 crore

Advance booking sales from UAE – GCC – Rs 5.5 crore

Advance booking sales from ROI + ROW – Rs 1 crore

Tamil remake rights – Rs 4 crore

Telugu remake rights – Rs 5 crore

Branding with Airtel SIM – Rs 5 crore

Branding with Kingfisher – Rs 3 crore

Branding with MyG, Hedge & Others – Rs 2 crore

Branding with Confident Group – Rs 3 crore

Other sponsors – Rs 2 crore

Total – Rs 101.2 crore

Odiyan Box OfficeDaysCollectionGross
Cochin Multiplex111.72 L11.72 L
Trivandrum Ariesplex13.09 L3.09 L
Bengaluru Updates1 53.39 L 53.39 L
Cochin Single Screen133.86 L33.86 L
Capitol Upasana Theatre11.48 L1.48 L
Trivandrum Single Screens1 51.42 L 51.42 L
Kollam Single Screen1 23.24 L 23.24 L
All Kerala Carnival Cinemas155.55 L55.55 L
Thrissur Inox18.29 L8.29 L
Kochi12 Cr2 Cr
Kerala113 Cr13 Cr
Tamil Nadu11.5 Cr1.5 Cr
Bangalore12 Cr2 Cr
UAE13 Cr3 Cr
Malaysia170 L70 L
France140 L40 L
UK160 L60 L
Ireland148 L48 L
Australia172 L72 L
AP & TS139 L39 L
Rest of India127 L27 L
Worldwide128 Cr28 Cr

Mohanlal’s movie Odiyan has registered an amazing response in fans’ show and made good collection at the worldwide box office. BJP’s hartal had a least effect on the business in the early morning shows.

Odiyan is one of the most hyped and highly-anticipated Malayalam movie of 2018. Mohanlal’s fans were desperately waiting for its release. The makers and distributors made grand arrangements for its release in a bid to cash in on the Lalettan mania and advance booking went in full swing. Hours before its release, the fans were in for a huge shock, when the news about BJP’s Hartal in Kerala broke.

This sudden move by the BJP sparked a debate between the party supporters and the fans of Mohanlal. A fan named Chindu‏ tweeted, “Nobody will die and nobody will be killed. Tired of having multiple hartals due to some random deaths due to bjp. #Odiyan will release & this is Kerala We dont mix politcs with movies & we have humanity above all So welcome to kerala if somebody stops tell them its #Odiyan day”

Responding to him, a BJP follower tweeted, “If Exams & Govt Job Interviews can be postponed if a Commie Neta has loose motion,y can’t #odiyan be postponed,is any1 going to die if they watch this commercial movie 1day late,so be it.For me the sanctity of #Sabarimala is more important than a movie.”

The makers were quick to approach BJP heads and request them to not disturb the screening of Odiyan. Besides, some fans of Mohanlal reportedly went on provide free vehicle services for viewers who wanted to watch the movie. A named Vimal tweeted, “Kerala rewrites history. Release of a movie got excluded from hartaal. Hope other movies gets same privilege on next hartaal. #nexthartaal #kerala #hartaal #odiyan”

The makes of Odiyan organised 431 fans’ shows across the world in the wee hours of Friday and these shows had huge advance booking. Snehasallapam tweeted, “#Odiyan Fan Show Pre sales Across Global Market 20,063,562/- As Per Our System Odiyan Already Covered #KayamkulamKochunni 2 Days UAE Figure With Advance Booking Itself All Set to cross 15cr+ Gross On First Day #OdiyanRise From Today.

Odiyan is making superb collection at the worldwide box office on the first day with most of the cinema halls witnessing 100 percent occupancy in the wee hours of Friday. Bobins Abraham‏ tweeted, “Meanwhile #Odiyan has opened to packed movie halls across #Kerala, with the first show beginning at 4 am. The next show will start at 8 am. Mohanlal fans are standing guard to many theatres amid the #BJPHarthal.”

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Odiyan Movie Review

The brilliance of Odiyan’s lead actors Mohanlal and Manju Warrier are showcased in two scenes – one in which Odiyan Manikyan begs on his knees to make Prabha believe his is innocent of the crime he is accused of and another in which she bows her head in gratitude for him helping return light in her life.

For most part, Odiyan is a drama and an aptly paced one at that too. The relationships of its three characters – Manikyan, Prabha and Ravunni (Prakash Raj) – are what the movie explores in detail and all the marketing about the movie playing to the gallery takes a backseat as Harikrishnan’s script delves deep into telling their stories.

The only times where the movie picks up speed is during its four action scenes, each better than the other, and climax battle of Odiyans taking the cake.

The movie begins with an aged Odiyan Manikyan returning to his village in Thenkurissi after a self imposed exile of 15 years. He is reviled and even derided for returning, and soon his is forced to take up a challenge to scare a youngster using the tricks of his tribe. Soon the film traces Manikyan’s journey through flashbacks and introduces the audience to his childhood friend Prabha and her lustful , scheming cousin Ravunni. The rivalry between Manikyan and Ravunni simmers till two deaths in Prabha’s family pushes Manikyan to leave the village. How his return affects those in the village forms the rest of the plot.

Director Shrikumar has ably executed Harikrishnan’s script that doesn’t have mass dialogues or scenes but goes for grounded storytelling. It’s quite contrary from all the hype and buildup the film had pre-release and might leave the fans wanting more.

Mohanlal as the shape shifting Odiyan is on top form, both during the scenes that require to do action and also emote. Mammootty’s narration about how Odiyans strike fear to those they are paid to scare by taking the form of animals and Shrikumar’s use of graphics to execute the concept has helped the film to a great extent.

Manju Warrier aces her scenes with Mohanlal, with a meaty role after quite some time. Prakash Raj too puts on a decent performance, however, the dubbing does take away the impact from his villainy.

Shaji Kumar’s frames are another highlight of the film along with M Jayachandran’s songs that are well picturised, especially the track Kondaram. However, what steals the scenes are Peter Hein-choreographed action sequences that also add some much-needed punch to sometimes stretched out 167 minute-long movie.

If the length could have been further trimmed, Odiyan would have been a highly engaging film even for the fans expecting a ‘mass’ movie. Even otherwise Odiyan has good acting, a well thought-out script and brilliant action scenes that the family audience would enjoy.

Odiyan Movie Full Cast and Crew Details

Odiyan Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Odiyan MovieCast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director ofOdiyanV. A. Shrikumar Menon
ProducerAntony Perumbavoor
Release date of Odiyan14 December 2018
Hero of Odiyan Mohanlal
Heroine of OdiyanManju Warrier
MusicM. Jayachandran
Sam C. S.
CinematographyShaji Kumar
Running time122 Minutes
Production CompanyAashirvad Cinemas
Edited ByJohnkutty
Distributed byMax Creations Release
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odiyan movie advance booking started
odiyan movie advance booking started

odiyan (2)
odiyan (2)
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