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Nila or Pearle , Shrinish answered to the fan’s funny question!

Pelly and Sreenish are trending star couples on social media. Starting from the Bigg Boss house, Pelly and Sreenish Pranayam have been followed by a large fan base on social media. They both share the joys and sorrows of life on social media for the fans. Now, Sreenish is taking to Instagram to answer questions from fans. Fans are asking Sreeni interesting questions. Pelly, Nila, Sreeni’s serial film career, and so on are the questions. Sreenish’s answer to the questions is also noteworthy. To the question, ‘Who cares about Pelio or Nilay?’, Sreenish replied, ‘Of course my cousin’. Sreenish also shared a video of Pelly filling out a form saying ‘My Pontati’ to the question of who gave the baby the name Nila. Sreenish shared the first photo taken with Pelly, the phone’s lock screen image, and the phone’s wallpaper in response to questions from fans.Shrinish-answer-to-fans

Asked if he could sleep at night due to the condition, Sreenish said, “I will sleep at night.” Sreenish answers the question of whether Nila or Peli is cute and what is the favorite song sung by Peli by sharing the video.

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