Netizens are devoted to simplicity of Vikram, Aishwarya Rai, AR Rahman

Tamil star actor Vikram, a few days ago, participated in the marriage of his housekeeper’s son, who was modest. Now again they are in the news for their simplicity. But this time along with Vikram is actress Aishwarya Rai. The movie ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ starring Vikram, Aishwarya Rai, Trisha, Karthi and other star actors is all set to release and will be released in theaters in a few days.

The film team has started campaigning and is doing a tour across India. The film team, which promoted in Hyderabad yesterday, traveled directly to Mumbai from there. Thus, when the film crew travels together, it is customary to travel by private plane. But yesterday Vikram, Aishwarya Rai, Trisha, AR Rahman traveled from Hyderabad to Mumbai in a regular flight that is in economy class.

Yes, the film crew traveled in the economy class where ordinary people travel and that picture has now gone viral. The flight has economy and business class. The rich, the affluent travel in business class instead of economy. But the fact that Vikram and Aishwarya Rai traveled in economy class is a reason for the surprise and appreciation of netizens. Music director AR Rahman shared a picture of the film team traveling together from Hyderabad to Mumbai on his Instagram. AR Rahman and Vikram sit together while Aishwarya Rai wears a mask on the seat next to them.

Trisha is also with him but her face is not visible. Netizens have appreciated that big star actors and actresses have traveled in economy class like ordinary people. The movie ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ will hit the screens on September 30 in many languages ​​across the country. The movie will be released in foreign countries as well. Vikram, Karthi, Aishwarya Rai, Trisha, Jayam Surya, Prakash Rai, Shobhita Dhulipala, Nasser, Kishore and many other star actors and actresses have acted in the movie. A few days ago, this film team had come to Bangalore to promote. But Aishwarya Rai did not come to Bangalore.