Nayanthara Opens About Her Casting Experience

Some things that Nayanthara revealed in a recent interview are now in the news. It is about the ‘casting couch’ which is a controversial issue in the film industry. Nines described his own experience. A ‘casting couch’ is defined as giving important roles in the film industry to important actors in the film if they are ready to make some compromises.

I was asked to be ready to make compromises for them to give me the lead role in a film. But Nayanthara said in the interview that I replied that the roles that I get to act on because of my talent are enough. Nayanthara’s revelations about the casting couch may spark a fresh debate on this serious issue in the film industry and the Me Too movement. The revelation of the so-called Lady Superstar, Nines, is a reminder that the ‘casting couch’ problem has existed in the film industry for a long time.

Nayanthara took a break from the film industry for months for her twin children. But the actor will soon join the shooting of Jawaan directed by Atlee starring Shah Rukh Khan. Jaawan will be Nayanthara’s first Bollywood film. A few months ago, Baahubali star Anushka Shetty also came forward against the casting couch. Anushka Shetty said about the casting couch that some influencers are exploiting the actresses without enforcing strict rules and not considering the acting skills of the actresses.