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Nagarjuna content with reaction to child Akhil Akkineni’s Hello !!

Akhil Akkineni

Telugu film star Nagarjuna is fulfilled and glad about the reaction of the gathering of people and pundits to his child Akhil Akkineni‘s motion picture Hello.

“There was my child’s film Hello and there’s my own particular film with Ram Gopal Varma,” Nagarjuna said

“For me, my child Akhil’s film was more vital than whatever else. I’ve never been more apprehensive about any of my own movies. I for one regulated the generation and after creation. However, mind you, I was never on sets while shooting was on. I didn’t should be.”

“The film was in exceptionally able hands. Our executive K Vikram Kumar influenced our family to film Manam, which featured my granddad, my child Nag Chaitanya and me. So we comprehended what Vikram could accomplish with my more youthful child. I am happy I put stock in Vikram. My confidence has paid off.”

Nagarjuna says he is to a great degree glad for Hello.

“It’s a romantic tale that influences us to have faith in enchantment. Regardless, isn’t all silver screen about putting stock in enchantment? The activity scenes were conceived on a scale never done. These days, we can’t endeavor to palm off sub-standard tricks, and crude embellishments in light of the fact that a major name is included with the task. Groups of onlookers need their cash’s worth.”

Nagarjuna concedes he was anxious about the arrival of his child’s film.

“Like all fathers, I was anxious to see my children discover their place. We did our best with Hello. I am calmed and glad that our endeavors paid off.”

Glancing back at the year that was, Nagarjuna says it was critical for two reasons.

“My senior child Nag Chaitanya got hitched and my more youthful child Akhil had his film Hello on discharge. These occasions were more imperative than whatever else in my life in 2017.”

Nagarjuna is back with Ram Gopal Varma following three decades. They are teaming up for a film which guarantees to be as hard-hitting as Shiva.

“We have shot just for a couple of days and we will come back to the film after the year-end occasions. Be that as it may, I should state I am awed with what we are doing here. Ramu demonstrates a similar level of devotion that he did when he made Shiva.”

“I think when a chief is in wonderment of an on-screen character, he tries to accomplish something extraordinary with his vision. That is the thing that Ramu is doing here. I feel our cooperation after such a large number of years will be extremely exceptional.”

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