More people earned from our wedding than Nayanthara’s wedding.. Ravinder Open Talk!

Ravinder and Mahalakshmi’s interview with reporters is trending after the clan deity left the temple. 90s kids’ favorite VJ Mahalakshmi got married to producer Ravinder of Libra Productions which took everyone by surprise. Bad trolls also spread on social media saying that Mahalakshmi married the producer for money. Former Sun Music VJ and Sun TV serial actress Mahalakshmi, who is already married and has a son, got married secondly to Libra Productions producer Ravinder on September 1.

Their sudden marriage took fans and movie celebrities by surprise. Nayanthara thought that she should have her wedding in Tirupati with director Vignesh Sivan and was making arrangements for it. But at the last moment due to some reasons he could not get married there. However, actress Mahalakshmi-Ravinder’s wedding took place in Tirupati on September 1. Some screen celebrities had posted negative comments against actress Mahalakshmi’s second marriage.

A lot of trolls also took to social media mocking Ravinder as a water bed. But, despite all that, Ravinder is enjoying his married life with his wife on honeymoon, pleasure trips and going to the temple of the clan deity. In this case, producer Ravinder Chandrasekhar and Mahalakshmi, who returned after bowing to the clan deity temple, jokingly asked if the reporters were telling them that they were going to Kanniti..

Ravinder replied with a smile, “Why do you and we have gone to the clan deity temple and bowed to Sami?” Our wedding has become more popular than the recent wedding of a top actress due to image mockery. Ravinder had indirectly mentioned Nayanthara that the actress is planning to release a wedding video in OTD. Sami said laughingly that many people have made a lot of money from us by making fun of him and left the man.’