The Feel Bad Film of the Year, Tovino Thomas movie ‘Kala’ will be released on a March 25


The trailer of ‘VS’ directed by Rohit VS and starring Tovino Thomas has arrived. The activists have released the trailer with the tag line ‘Feel Bad Film of the Year’. The film received an A certificate from the Censor Board for its violent scenes. The movie will hit theatres on March 25. After Adventures of Omanakuttan and Iblis, Rohit’s Kala will be one of Tovino’s best action films. The film tells the story of 97 years. Lal, Divya Pillai, Aarish and Moore play other important roles.

After the Adventures of Omanakuttan and Iblis, Rohit will be coordinating ‘Kala’. Tovino Thomas was harmed during the recording of the activity scenes of this film. The shooting was finished following quite a while of rest. ‘The Kala is hard, exceptionally hard. Yet, it was his insatiable love for film that made this film conceivable. I’m certain this present group’s energy will take weeds to another level. ” – Tovino on Kala Along with Rohit, Yadu Pushpakaran is likewise the creator of Kala. Akhil George is the camera. Alongside Lal, Divya Pillai and Sumesh, a canine named Basigar likewise plays the lead job in the film. The topic of the film is man and nature. Created by Juicy Productions.