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Swazika in red, released the teaser of Kulisin 2!

Kulisin was a 2013 short film. The film had been on the YouTube trending list for days. The image that this film made among the youth was nothing short of spectacular. RJ Mathukutty and Vaiga played the central characters in the film. Now the second part of the film is coming out. Kulisin 2 is named after another. Kulisin’s director Rahul K. Shaji himself is preparing another shop.

The teaser is accompanied by scenes of swastika drowning in a red saree. Rahul K. Kulisin directed the film. Shaji himself is preparing another shop. Sumesh Madhu is the script writer. Story by Rahul K. Shaji and Sumesh Madhu. The cinematography is by Rajesh Subramaniam. The film will be released next month. The film also stars Altaf Manaf, Pashanam Shaji, Bobansamuel, Mathukutty and Arjungopal.

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