Mohanlal in director’s chair, Aju says it is fire and Krishna Shankar says he is a legend


The picture of Mohanlal sitting in the director’s chair has been making waves on social media for the last two days. Parivesattilan at the feet of a Master Barroz photos that came out from burnout has been settled. Producer Antony Perumbavoor and cameraman Santosh Sivan can be seen nearby. Burnout provides a rich look, the photo is a colourful background. In any case, not only the fans but also his colleagues within the film are sharing this photo of Mohanlal on social media. Aju Varghese and Krishna Shankar shared the pictures on Facebook. Aju shared the photo with the emoji ‘Fire’ for the movie with Mohanlal sitting in the director’s chair. Krishna Shankar wrote, quoting Santosh Sivan and Mohanlal, that the two epics that made me come behind the camera and after it was in the same frame.


Posted by Aju Varghese on Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Barroz is Mohanlal’s first feature film after a five – decade long acting career. Mohanlal will play the title role in the film. Prithviraj also plays another important role. The film also stars Spanish actress Pas Vega, Tamil actor Prathap Pothen, Padmavathi Rao and Shaila McCaffrey in other roles.