Messi begins his long association with Barcelona since then! Note by Bigg Boss fame RJ Raghu

RJ Raghu is all too familiar with the Malayalees through the second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam. After the Bigg Boss, the actress became more active on social media. Most of the posts that come up as RJ Raghu’s are taken up by fans. The latest Instagram post featuring the Bigg Boss star went viral on social media. Fans have taken to the post of Raghu to congratulate Lionel Messi on his birthday.
In his post, RJ Raghu says about Messi’s arrival in Barcelona and what continues to be a surprise. In the words of RJ Raghu: On 12th January, the crowd clapped as they jumped through the wing at AE Barcelona’s youth academy ground in Catalonia.

Barcelona’s technical chief Carlos Raszak was convinced that the boy, who was relatively short in height, was taking the ball to the ground. Carlos introduced the little boy from Argentina. She wanted to take a single trial. The boy asked Carlos to take free kicks from three different positions.
Carlos’s mind was filled with moments when he enjoyed the beauty of the ball bouncing into the net. Carlos’ message immediately went to the Barcelona Board of Directors. “I have found a wonderful boy to invite to our team,” Carlos wrote in a contract on tissue paper (paper napkin) without waiting for a reply.
“I was so excited to hear you say it then! That 2001 contract was the first contract with Messiah Barcelona, ​​which dominated the football world. It is from this point that Messi begins his long association with Barcelona. Messi is still a super mystery in modern football. It is a subject that many universities around the world are still learning about the goodies of Messi’s brain. It has been 33 years since the stadium appeared in the world today.