Kavya Madhavan spoke about her dance guru-See Video


Kavya Madhavan recently made an appearance in front of the camera after avoiding public speaking following her marriage to actor Dileep. The actress spoke extensively about her teacher Anand Master, who was launching India’s first classical dance band. She also made an appearance on the Anand Vaibhavam YouTube channel to wish the project luck.

“India’s first ever Indian classical dance band Anandavaibhavam. I am so happy that such a venture is happening through my Guru. I have been his student for the last 20 years. We share a bond that cannot be explained in mere words,” she said.

She further added, “When we shifted to Ernakulam and wanted to learn dance I was in search of a Guru. That’s when I discovered Anand sir. That’s also when my attitude toward dance also changed. His specialty is that his teaching method is customized to suit his students. He used to arrange dance numbers that gave emphasis to acting and was for me.”

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The actress added that her guru has never been harsh with her. “He has never scolded me. I have been able to perform at various dance stages in Kerala. And the full credit goes to him.”

Due to her distinct Malayalee looks, Kavya Madhavan has become a favorite. Her fans have been pleading for her to return to acting for a while now. Her final Malayalam film was “Pinneyum” from 2016, directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan. Kavya’s fans and followers were happy to see her on screen after a long time.