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5 years of Hard work for ‘Helen’; Mathukutty Xavier


Malayalam has won nine awards at the 67th National Film Awards. Mohanlal-Priyadarshan team’s Lion of the Arabian Sea ‘won three awards, including Best Picture, followed by Helen with two awards. The film won the award for Best Debut Director and the award for Best Makeup Artist. Mathukutty Xavier is the award-winning director. Ranjith Ambati is a makeup artist. Mathukutty, who won the National Award for Best Debut Director for his film ‘Helen’, is opening his mind. Mathukutty Xavier is preparing for a new movie with Helen’s scripting team when it comes to award-winning news. He told the Times of India that work on a Bollywood remake of Helen was also underway.

Helen best debut film
Helen best director

The next film will be with Helen’s screenwriters Noble (Babu Thomas) and Alfred (Kurian Joseph). Mathukutty says that he did not expect such recognition at a time when many films are changing. Many amazing films were released in 2019 by debutant directors. Therefore, it would be very difficult for the jury to give such an award, said Mathukutty.  We were in the midst of many congratulations even after the announcement that Ranjith had received the award for a makeup artist. The film won the award again amidst many calls and congratulations. Like many first-time filmmakers, this is the reward for my five years of hard work for Helen, says Mathukutty.

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