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Mira Mithun’s YouTube channel will be shut down soon


Actress Meera Mithun has been sent a letter by the Federal Crime Branch Police to YouTube to shut down her YouTube channel. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has taken action against Meera Mithun for allegedly inciting violence and releasing a video. Film actress Meera Mithun posted a video on social media a few days ago. In it, she slandered certain castes and made derogatory remarks about directors, actors, and actresses belonging to that caste. He also spoke of the need to remove them from the screen. It spread fast on social websites.Meera-Mithun-arrested

Mira Mithun’s comment drew criticism from various quarters. In this context, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Deputy General Secretary Vanni Arasu filed a complaint with the Chennai Police Commissioner’s Office on the 7th seeking action against Meera Mithun. In it, he said that stern action should be taken against Meera Mithun under the Prevention of Torture Act.Meera Mitun

Based on the complaint, the Saiba Criminal Division, which operates under the Central Criminal Division, filed a case against Meera Mithun under seven sections, including the Prevention of Torture Act. Actress Meera Mithun has been summoned by the Cyber ​​Crime Police to appear in person for further investigation. But Miramidun, who did not appear for the police inquiry, suddenly went into hiding. Meeramidun again posted controversial comments on Twitter, challenging the police that he could not even arrest me in a dream.

meera midhun

Thus, a team led by Assistant Commissioner of Cyber ​​Crime Karunakaran went in search of Meera Mithun. He first stayed in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Later he went to Alappuzha and got information that he was staying with his friend in a luxury hotel there. The personal police went to Kerala and arrested Meera Mithun in Alappuzha the day before yesterday. He got into an argument with the police. Meeramithun, who was produced in the Alappuzha court, was brought to Chennai two days ago with the permission of the court.meera midhun case

He was kept in the office of the Commissioner of Police and interrogated. His friend Sham Abhishek from Ambattur, Chennai was also brought to Chennai with Miramidu. He was also interrogated. Meera Mithun was produced before a magistrate yesterday afternoon. The magistrate ordered him to be remanded in judicial custody till the 27th of next month. Mira Mithun was imprisoned in Pulhal Women’s Jail for this.

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