Meenakshi Anoop Shared Her Bad Experience

Meenakshi Anoop, a child star, entered the cinema through the film Amar Akbar Anthony. Later, she became a child star and anchor in Malayalee’s mind. Along with movies, Meenakshi is also shining as a host of reality shows including Top Singer. Meenakshi has a YouTube channel. Meenakshi also received close to two and a half lakh subscribers through her YouTube channel.

But Meenakshi has revealed that the people who managed her YouTube cheated them and even the channel is not in their hands now. Here are the words of Meenakshi and her father about the incident A crew approached us here. YouTube channel was not in our plan. Friends were a little forced. It was decided to start for entertainment purposes. Our YouTube channel manager also manages other people’s channels. It seems that they have also got an immature job. They had started a mail id in Meenakshi’s name. Its user ID and password were in their hands.

All things were in their hands. Similarly, if they got money, they took most of it. It’s not because we are not aware…. we didn’t understand any of this before. I thought it was gone. Anyway, we have made the legal move. A proper complaint has been lodged at Kottayam SP office. I have attached the statement of money received by us at the Income Task Office. In any case, there will be a proper investigation. You should now only do things like YouTube in partnership with people you know personally. We were in a situation where we had to go there and ask them if they could give us anything, even YouTube revenue.