Marimayam Actors Sreekumar And Sneha Are Waiting Their Baby

Sneha Sreekumar is an actor who entertains the Malayalees. Through the program Marimayam, the actor managed to attract a lot of attention among the Malayalee audience. A few days ago it was revealed that the actress is pregnant. Sneha and Sreekumar are now expecting a baby. Now here is a new video of the actor through his YouTube channel. The actor’s words Let’s see, in the video, I shared saying I was pregnant, I said I had PCOD. So the question everyone asked below is how did it change? For me, I did only three things. I have been fat since childhood. No one ever says I’m skinny. When you see old photos, everyone says that you are fatter than that.

No matter what you do, you will not be able to lose weight completely. But we can try, and I did. Sneha says that was the most hesitant thing for me when I was asked to exercise. Then husband Sreekumar goes for a walk with his pet dog. I started walking along with them. He has also tried to include a lot of vegetables, especially leafy greens in his diet. There is no point in taking any other medicine without giving up sweets.