Marakkar, Helen,Biriyani and Jellikkettu; Malayalam won 9 National Awards


Malayalam wins 67th National Film Awards Malayalam has won nine awards in various categories. Malayalam has won many important awards such as Best Film, Best Cinematography and Best Newcomer Director. The big-budget film ‘Marakkar the Lion of Arabian Sea’ directed by Priyadarshan and starring Mohanlal won three awards. Marakkar won the Best Film, Best Costume Design and Special Effects awards. Sujith Sudhakaran and V Sai did the costume designers in Marakkar. The special effect of the film is the team under Karthik Gurunath.

Helen, directed by newcomer RJ Mathukutty, has won two awards. The awards include Best Newcomer Director and Best Makeup. The make-up of the film is done by Ranjith Ambati. Prabha Varma won the award for Best Lyricist. The award went to the song “Arodum parayuka vayya” from the movie Kolambi. The film received a special mention from the jury for Biryani. Sajin Babu is the director. Gireesh Gangadharan, who handled the camera for Jallikattu, is the best cinematographer. ‘Oru Pathiraswapnam Pole’ film was selected as the best family film in the non – feature category. Directed by Sharan Venugopal.

Best Narration – Wild Karnataka
Best Music Director – Visakh Jyothi
Best Editing – Jersey
Best Family Film – Oru Pathiraswapnam Pole
Best Distribution  – David Atterboro
Special Jury – Small Scale Society
Best Animated Film – Radha
Best Malayalam Film – Kallanottam
Best Tamil Film – Asuran
Best Hindi Movie- Chichore
Best Environmental Movie- The Stork Xavier’s
Best Kannada Movie- Akshi
Sound Mixing- Rasool Pookutty
Best Lyricist- Prabha Varma
Best Costume Design- V. Sasi, Sujith Sudhakaran
Best Film Friendly State- Sikkim
Best Film Book- Film Pahanara Manushya
Best Review- Sohini Chattopadhyay