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Manya’s reaction to trolls, Revathi Sampath with criticism!

Revathi Sampath against Manya

The next few days have been full of Vasuvannan trolls on social media. The trolls are now wasting their time trolling the character of Vasu played by Sai Kumar in the movie Kunjikunan in which Dileep is the central character. Vasuvannan- Manya Love Story is the favorite subject of trolls. As a result, family pictures of Manya and Vasu together became widespread on social media. Manya had arrived in response to this. The actress arrived by sharing a picture of her husband.



However, actress Revathi Sampath has come out to criticize Manya’s reaction, the actress said in her Facebook post.

The full version of the Facebook post

Manya is an experienced actress who has acted in many roles in the film. You say that I keep it simple because it does not affect my personal life and family and I have nothing to do with it. You say without saying that there is a problem with this and I am helpless in it. Your movies are not limited to your personal life. Cinema is an art that influences the physical and emotional spaces of many human beings. Skepticism is just the fact that you have nothing to do. Your duty as an artist would have been fulfilled if it had not been encouraged.

It was through you that the heart of that tortured girl was expressed. So you have a responsibility to respond. Rape is rape. It makes no difference in intensity. Promoting it is not so light. Putting trolls and comedy in the hashtag is not a comedy.

revathi sampath

revathi sampath

The second film is captioned as Me and My Hubby watching Vasu Anna’s scary love story. How inhumane it is to try to turn torture into love and turn it into a Scary Love Story. Really shocked. Even after hearing ‘Love Story’, do you still feel like justifying it?

That being said, before you say the actress took the troll seriously, think about how much each of your jokes contributes to society’s rape culture. If the artist’s mission is to justify his work by turning it into light when it deviates from its purpose, he will not be able to bear such burdens.

To those who ask you what kind of idiot you are not acting,

It is the right of a citizen to express his or her position, whether acting or not. It doesn’t even matter what I do. A film is about everyone, including its creators, writers, directors and actors. Everyone is obliged to take responsibility for that character. As a citizen, everyone has the right to respond. That is not anyone’s generosity. Revathi said.

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