Manju Warrier is supporting Dileep’s”Ramleela”

Manju warrier still loves Dileep films-Onlookers Media

Manju Warrier’s Facebook post was criticized for not filming Dileep’s image. Manju said that the call for boycotting Ramalinga is unfortunate. Manju Warrier’s latest film, Sujata, is likely to be released next day. Dileep’s Ramallea is also releasing on the same day.

‘Example Sujatha’ is going to theaters on the 28th of this month. This is a movie that has enjoyed much. The post starts with saying every moment of Sujatha was an experience.

The aberration against Ramalinga came to the call of the theater to burn. To show personal dissent and opposition is not a movie. Manju reminded me that the movie is not one of them. Ramalila has been a young director of the film for many years. The audience has the right to come to the theater and that the viewers should see and the audience behind it. We have no power to deny that. Manju Warrier reminisced that this is the injustice done to the film. Manju enters the note with a rumor that the audience should watch.

Manju warrier still loves Dileep films-Onlookers Media

Post formats:

This should not be an example of
‘example Sujatha’ on the 28th of this month. This is a movie that has enjoyed much. Each moment of the moment was an experience. I hope she likes you too. The film is directed by Martin Prakkat and Jojajogar and is directed by Phantom Praveen. Thank you heartily for us, especially for the Chenkaluzula residents of Thiruvananthapuram. You’ve given examples of love to suit Sujatha, you are. The collaboration of the teachers and students of Cotton Hills and Atakkulangara School should be noted. Recalling everyone … hope that Sujatha’s audience will become dear.
‘Ramalila’ is another movie with an example of ‘Sujatha’. The call for boycott of this film is rising from many places. It comes to the screams of the theater burning. But that is unfortunate. To show personal dissent and opposition is not a movie. One movie is not just one. Not a movie, a lot of people. And they invest in it not only money, labor, or creativity. That relationship is not over with the payment of the reward. The movie is well known for its success and the audience liked it and those behind them really enjoyed it. It’s bigger than money. That’s why they work hard day and night. Cinema is a business of many families. Many people have their medicine, textbook and textbook. Cutting the cinema from the theaters will not be a manufacturer in the industry. Then it breaks down many families and dreams. That should not happen. ‘Ramalila’, a producer named Tomichanmoolakupadam is investing in crores of rupees. And for years, Arunagopi is the newlywed director of the film. It reflects the light on the faces of the actors, and those who do not even have a credit card for them. They all have the right to make the film theater and want the viewer to see. We have no power to deny it. If it does, it is the injustice done to the film. Tomorrow, we do not pardon us. ‘Ramalila’ viewers watch out for …