Trisha’s daughter Nayantara’s daughter!

Manasvi Trisha Nayantara daughter

Child Artist Manasvi: He is the daughter of comedy actor Kota.

Trisha Nayantara

Child Artist Manasvi: Actress Nayantara’s daughter in the film ‘ Iyakkaka Seconds’ is a child star Manasvi.

He is the daughter of comedy actor Kota. Manasvi, who has been praised for her performance in the film, has acted as the daughter of Aravind Samy in ‘Choodura hunt 2’. But the film was not yet released.

Child Artisit Manasvi

In this case, Trisha’s daughter has acted in ‘Paramapatham Sports’. Manaswai, who has acted in the movie, is not a mouthpiece, but is more welcome than the previous film.

In the meantime, actor Konakhi has moved to a new home. He said,

“It was almost fifteen years of my dream! After that, I took home at a rent of 800 rupees. I saw a house for a rent of 2000 rupees.

After my marriage a lot of things started to happen in my life. We got married and rented 7,000 rupees. But I’m worried that it’s going to rent that rupee.

Manasvi Trisha Nayantara

Every time we rent, we have the idea that next time we will buy a house. I have a lot of times to buy and buy now.

After my daughter Manasivi birth, lots of lifelong positives have started to happen. Baba was born and we were rented for 15,000 rupees two years old. Manu Vasululu Manasivi started acting. Similarly, living standards have grown little. Now she is six years old. We have now bought our own home

This is because my wife Anjali is entirely responsible for this. They do not like the rent house from the outset. When they started dubbing, we made a lot of effort to buy our house. It’s only possible with two angels in my house “.