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Mamangam 8 day box office collection report

Mamangam 8 day collection

Mamangam is a Malayalam period action film directed by M. Padmakumar. The film is about the Mamankam festival of the 18th century in the banks of the Bharathappuzha at Tirunavaya, in the Malabar region. The film follows the story of Chaaverukal who plot to overthrow the Zamorin rulers. It stars MammoottyUnni MukundanPrachi TehlanAnu Sithara, and Achuthan. The music is composed by M. Jayachandran.

Mamangam Collection

Mamangam Collection

Mamangam 8 day Box Office Collection

Kochi110 L10 L
Kerala17 Cr7 Cr
Karnataka12 Cr2 Cr
Tamil Nadu12 Cr2 Cr
AP & Ts11 Cr1 Cr
Hindi11 Cr1 Cr
Overseas18 Cr2 Cr
Worldwide123 Cr23 Cr
Kochi29 L9 L
Kerala26 Cr6 Cr
Karnataka22 Cr2 Cr
Tamil Nadu250 L50 L
AP & TS230 L30 L
Hindi250 L50 L
Overseas24 Cr4 Cr
Worldwide214 Cr37 Cr
Kochi310 L10 L
Kerala33.56 Cr3.56 Cr
Tamil Nadu335 L35 L
Hyderabad358 L58 L
Mumbai312 L12 L
Pune35 L5 L
Karnataka313 L13 L
AP & TS310 L10 L
Rest of India328 L28 L
UAE329 L29 L
Oman37 L7 L
Kuwait36 L6 L
Bahrin313 L13 L
Quatar311 L11 L
Saudi Arabia39 L9 L
UK314 L14 L
US318 L18 L
Worldwide39 Cr50.22 Cr
Kochi48 L8 L
Kerala41.23 Cr1.23 Cr
Tamil Nadu421 L21 L
Hyderabad422 L22 L
Mumbai47 L7 L
Pune43 L3 L
Karnataka49 L9 L
AP & TS411 L11 L
Rest of India420 L20 L
UAE424 L24 L
Oman46 L6 L
Kuwait46 L6 L
Bharin411 L11 L
Quatar47 L7 L
Saudi Arabia412 L12 L
UK412 L12 L
US415 L15 L
Worldwide43.16 Cr53.38 Cr
Kochi54 L4 L
Kerala53 Cr3 Cr
Karnataka545 L45 L
Tamil Nadu521 L21 L
AP & TS515 L15 L
Hindi530 L30 L
Overseas52 Cr2 Cr
Worldwide57 Cr67 Cr
Kochi62 L2 L
Kerala62 Cr2 Cr
Karnataka635 L35 L
Tamil Nadu625 L25 L
AP & TS620 L20 L
Hindi630 L30 L
Overseas62 Cr2 Cr
Worldwide65 Cr72 Cr
Kochi72 L2 L
Kerala71.8 Cr1.8 Cr
Karnataka735 L35 L
Tamil Nadu730 L30 L
AP & TS715 L15 L
Hindi710 L10 L
Overseas72 Cr2 Cr
Worldwide75 Cr77 Cr
Kochi82 L2 L
Kerala81.5 Cr1.5 Cr
Karnataka830 L30 L
Tamil Nadu815 L15 L
AP & TS812 L12 L
Hindi820 L20 L
Overseas82 Cr2 Cr
Worldwide84.50 Cr81.05 Cr
Mamangam Worldwide Theatre List

Mamangam Worldwide Theatre List

Mamangam Trailer

Source: Lahari Music | T-Series

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