Mallika Sukumaran Said Her Marriage Experience

Mallika Sukumaran is an actor who is loved and adored by Malayalees even then and now. Even today, the actor is active in the field of acting regardless of age, we see the actor in many movies, serials, and interviews. The actor said about his wedding in an interview with Behind Woods which is going viral now. Let’s see the actor’s words. It was 7.40 am Thaliket. Our wedding was at my brother’s house. At 10 o’clock on that day, the shooting of the film My Blue Sky will begin in Kollam. Sukuvetan had told them that I would be there on time. After the wedding, after eating all the idli, my mother told me that I am going for a shoot. Alas, even those who came to the wedding did not go, and my mother was tensed that people would think the groom had drowned in the meantime. No, I will be back in the evening.

The man who was wearing a cassava trunk and Jubba suddenly come down wearing kylie and a shirt. Ah, didn’t you know this, after our wedding, there was a big discussion there? I will always remember Meena Chechi when I say this. Sukumara, today is not your wedding with Mallika, why did you come to the shooting place? Sis don’t you have any other work, man doesn’t have time to work here. The wedding is in the meantime. Oh, it was a scam, what did the poor woman go through saying that you will tie the knot? Didn’t say anything to anyone. My sister said that everyone knows that today is a wedding. She put on make-up and pretended to say, “Go sissy”. He didn’t tell anyone about the wedding.