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Mahesh Babu fans furious about the entertainer endorsing a tobacco brand?


Fans regularly love or admire their number one entertainers for the graciousness and amazing characteristics they exhibit in broad daylight. Notwithstanding, it’s true that entertainers do support brands for money-related increases. In any case, it appears to be the new underwriting by Mahesh Babu, where the entertainer is embracing a tobacco item that has not gone down well with his fans.

mahesh babu

Mahesh Babu

Many are shocked and are addressing Mahesh through their social media handles on how he consented to underwrite a tobacco item as the entertainer neither smokes nor has any unfortunate quirks. In addition, numerous family crowds allude to him as their motivation. Along these lines, Mahesh Babu supporting hazardous tobacco and liquor items as of late is a subject of discussion among his fans via online media.

Mahesh Babu and Tiger Shroff

Mahesh Babu and Tiger Shroff

The business where Mahesh Babu alongside Tiger Shroff supporting a tobacco brand is landing him in a new contention now. The high-financial plan advertisement including Mahesh empowering his fans to burn through perilous malignancy causing tobacco has been the subject of conversation on Twitter. Not many of his fans are offering remarks saying that when celebs are paid an enormous sum they support any item regardless in case it is terrible to its fans and the overall population offering significance to just cash sidelining their social obligation.

While some are contrasting him with Pierce Brosnan, the person who got out of the promotion promptly realizing it causes malignancy. If Mahesh too really cares for his fans and if he is a socially responsible person he should stop endorsing the product immediately.



Prior, Pierce Brosnan too supported a comparable item that was not valued by his fans. Brosnan quickly reacted that he was unconscious that the organization is advancing tobacco with his advertisement, he emphasized that he just acted in it as it was advised to him as a ‘mouth purifier’. Later the James Bond entertainer has purportedly communicated serious outrage against the organization for deceiving him and sued the organization and separated himself from the promotion.

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