Mahalakshmi with Dileep, Fans said that she will be just like her father! The picture goes viral!

Dileep and Kavya Madhavan are the favorite stars of Malayalees. When the celebrities decided to make a living outside of cinema, they were very happy. Mahalakshmi came to her life a year ago. It was Dileep who shared the happiness of having another child after Meenakshi. The actress said in a Facebook post that Kavya Madhavan has given birth to her mother and daughter. The star’s Facebook post has gone viral. The couple posted a photo of her daughter on her first birthday. Happy birthday. The pictures went viral via social media. A photo of Mahalakshmi with Dileep is currently circulating. The photo was circulated through Dileep’s online Facebook page. Many people have come under the picture for their comments. Some commented that she was seeing Mahalakshmi after her birthday.

Mahalakshmi and Dileep Dileep made a different makeover for the new movie. The actor is currently acting in the movie Keshu is the lord of the house. The shooting of Nadersha’s film is in progress. The posters of the movie have gone viral. Dileep was bald for this film. The picture of Mahalakshmi sitting next to Dileep came out yesterday. The photo was posted on Dileep’s online Facebook page.

Like his father Also under the photo are comments of a daughter being a father. Some questioned Kavya Madhavan. Fans await the return of Kavya Madhavan, who took a break from the cinema after her marriage. The actor said that his decision was to move on with family life. Though she is not active in the industry, she is often seen in public works.

Behind the name Dileep was named Mahalakshmi after her daughter Meenakshi. The duo was open about the reason behind the name. Her daughter was born on Vijayadashami’s day. That is why they said the name was given. Many people from the movie world attended the birthday party.

New movie Meanwhile, questions have been raised about Dileep and Nadersha getting together for a movie. After a long wait, Keshu became the lord of the house. Urvashi is the heroine of the movie. Dileep has come up with a character that he has not played in his career till date.