Love Story Of Innocent And Alice Thekkethala

The innocent smile that made the entire Kerala region laugh disappeared yesterday. It was a day when the whole of Kerala broke into tears along with the film world. The great actor named Innocent has left us with a handful of good memories. The great actor survived all the crises in life with a small smile. In this situation, all the interviews given by Innocent are remarkable again. Actor Some things that have been talked about his wife have attracted public attention. They have had a happy married life for the last 47 years. An interview given to Mathrubhumi on Valentine’s Day last year is going viral. Innocent says that he has never given a love letter or proposed to anyone.

Innocent said that he had gone to meet three or four people before meeting Alice. Alice did not know that Innocent was a movie actor at that time, Alice said that the girl came to see him as a businessman and liked him at first sight. Alice’s aunt had sided with Innocent on the day she went with the proposal. Amma also said that being innocent is enough for Aseel. The marriage followed. Despite being busy with films, both of them used to travel together. Before falling ill, Alice did not go with Innocent when she went shooting. It involves sitting alone in a hotel room while shooting. But foreign trips like America, Germany, and Singapore were all together.

Innocent had also spoken about Alice’s doubts. ‘After watching certain scenes in the movie, Alice would ask, ‘The dialogues you say at home are the dialogues you say when you are acting with KPAC Lalitha or Sukumari.