‘Liger’ Disaster.. Puri Jagannath shifts to Goa, vacating Mumbai Flat!

Puri Jagannath is the dashing director of Tollywood. The director who gave action cuts to so many superstars. Once upon a time, mass movies directed by Puri Jagannath were raging at the box office. The hero of that movie has been taken to stardom. Puri Jagannath movie made the whole Telugu industry crazy. Puri Jagannath started the trend that heroism in cinema should be like this. But, recently Puri Jagannath Jadu is not happening on screen. It is known that the movie ‘Liger’ directed by Puri Jagannath failed miserably.

After that defeat, Puri Jagannath was nowhere to be seen. However, one news after another keeps coming after him. It is said that Puri Jagannath has shifted to Goa to forget the bitterness of defeat. Once upon a time Puri Jagannath was the mass director of Tollywood. Puri Jagannath gave mass image to many Telugu heroes. A director who entertained mass cinema lovers with mass dialogues and mass fights. Bad time has started for Yako Puri Jagannath. Movies are giving Puri a bittersweet experience. Puri Jagannath has not tasted success for a few days.

Some of the movies he has directed in the past have failed miserably. Puri Jagannath movies are not enough for the audience. ‘Smart Shankar’ brought victory to the director. But, ‘Liger’ has taken away all that joy. Puri Jagannath is saddened by this defeat. ‘Liger’ starring Vijay Devarakonda and Bollywood beauty Ananya Pandey was sleeping at the box office. After seeing this movie, people showered criticism upon criticism. But, even before the release of ‘Liger’, Puri Jagannath had announced the movie ‘Janaganamana’ with Vijay Devarakonda. However, there is still no clarity about what happened to that movie.

Although ‘Liger’ is a pan India movie, it was produced in both Hindi and Telugu languages. Thus Puri Jagannath was shifted from Hyderabad to Mumbai. He had rented a flat there and prepared the story-screenplay. However, the news is spreading that he has vacated his rented flat in Mumbai due to the failure of the movie ‘Liger’ at the box office. Puri Jagannath used to pay around 15 lakhs as rent for a flat in Mumbai. As it seems too much, Charmy and his team think it is best to vacate the flat. Thus, they have changed their base from Mumbai to Goa, according to Tollywood Talk. Therefore, there are rumors that Puri Jagannath will weave the story from Goa for the next movie.