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Kushbhu, Seeman Joins Traffic Ramaswamy’s Cast !!

Politically slanted performing artists Kushbhu and Seeman are good to go to share screen space together in an up and coming film titled Traffic Ramaswamy. The pair may have a place with various political gatherings and vary from belief systems, however onscreen, they will do a similar thing. The film is a biopic on social lobbyist Traffic Ramaswamy, whose character will be played by Veteran on-screen character SA Chandrashekar.

In addition, the movie is being coordinated by Vikki, who stated, “I was completely enlivened by Traffic Ramasamay who has been eagerly associated with revising the framework throughout the previous 50 years. That was the disputable issue to make this film. Additionally, when I moved toward my dim tutor in the expert producer SA Chandrashekar, he readily consented to be a piece of the film”.

Further, it has likewise been discovered that Vikki has finished his investigation from the lofty Pune Film Institute. Performing artist Rohini has been restricted in to play SAC’s significant other, while different on-screen characters like Prakash Raj, Vijay Antony, Ambika, S.Ve. Shekar, Upasana and Kasturi will likewise be seen in critical parts.

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