Kundali Bhagya’s Abhishek Kapur: I adore Jennifer Winget; she is ridiculously lovely !!


Abhishek Kapur’s Kundali Bhagya has turned out to be one of the mainstream shows and well, the on-screen character has a colossal fan following now, on account of the TRP appraisals. In a meeting with a main amusement entry, Abhishek was gotten some information about one TV performing artist that he enjoys and finds alluring.

Abhishek stated, “I adore Jennifer Winget! She is super wonderful!” Talking about his relationship status, different reports propose that he is single and has not dated anybody for a significant long time. On this, he told the entry that he has been single from the previous six years.

Abhishek stated, “My last relationship went on for a long time and another for a year. Both the young ladies I dated were non-on-screen characters from Delhi. I have been single by decision as well as on the grounds that I haven’t discovered my sort of young lady. I am not exhausted but rather truly, I miss being a sweetheart and having a passionate relationship.”

At the point when Abhishek was gotten some information about the show and his character of Sameer, he stated, “Kundali Bhagya is doing incredible and individuals are adoring my character, Sameer Luthra also. Yet, advanced media is shaking its way up and with such a significant number of acclaim commendable web firsts being propelled, I would love being a piece of it. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have reservations in performing striking scenes as well if the content requests gave I get a to order a solid character in the computerized space.”

Ekta Kapoor, in a meeting, was gotten some information about the show and she stated, “The excellence of Kumkum Bhagya was that it gave a considerable measure of young ladies an opportunity to trust that straightforwardness is delightful and a fate is out there for them which they will eventually discover. Some place when the story advanced, there was hijacking, murder and dramatization. Be that as it may, the effortlessness is still there. Furthermore, I felt that something was continually absent. That is the manner by which we concocted Kundali Bhagya.”