Karishma Tanna’s dress at her wedding reception with Varun Bangera will astonish you


Karishma Tanna amazes in a gorgeous dress at her wedding reception with Varun Bangera. 5th February was one of the most special days in TV fame Karishma Tanna’s life as she got hitched to her first love, Varun Bangera. The two got hitched in a private ceremony at a five-star hotel in the Maximum City. All their dear loved ones were welcomed and Karishma’s industry friends, for example, Anita Hassanandani, Ekta Kapoor, Ridhima Pandit were likewise important parts of the wedding ceremonies. The two had a marvelous wedding, and their marriage pictures were totally ethereal and glorious. Presently, we got a glimpse at lady Karishma’s get-together clothing and spoiler alert: Be fit to be astonished!

One of the wedding guests, actor Suved Lohia shared a story on his Instagram that caught Karishma’s get-together look. She looked perfect and entrancing in the dazzling dress. That’s right, it was 100 percent bling and we 100 percent love it! Perfect for an extraordinary occasion, the actress looked excellent. Her most lovely embellishment was the delightful grin she wore all over, emanating satisfaction and inspiration all around. Then again, even her better half, Varun Bangera was seen in the image, standing right next to his significant other.


In the meantime, fans actually haven’t had the option to move past their out-of-world wedding pictures. While Karishma Tanna looked stunningly beautiful in her pastel pink lehenga, Varun Bangera was wearing a white sherwani with a turban matching Karishma’s lehenga and resembled a queen. The photos gazed directly out of a fantasy. No doubt the two complement each other really well!