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Kareena Kapoor about 12 crore reward for Sita!

Kareena Kapoor Khan says actresses should be seen as a common cause for equal pay in movies. In an interview with the Guardian, Kareena was one of the leading actresses in Bollywood. I am happy that more actresses are coming on the scene to highlight the unfortunate gender pay inequality in Bollywood. Kareena said that she knows her value and does not hesitate to make it clear during discussions.

“Until a few years ago, no one would talk about getting equal pay for a man and a woman in a movie. Many of us are talking about it now. ”Recently, Kareena was widely trolled for allegedly increasing her remuneration for playing Sita in a remake of the Ramayana. It was alleged that he demanded Rs 12 crore to act in the film. But the actor did not respond directly to reports. “I make it clear what I want, and I think it deserves that respect. It’s not about asking, it’s about respecting women. I think things are changing, ”Kareena said.

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Earlier, in an NDTV interview, Kareena was asked, “What’s next?” At the end of this year, there was talk that there was a movie with Aamir Khan, that you were getting Rs 12 crore, that you were asking for Rs 12 crore and that another actress came to you with support for it, but I think it was fake news. ” But Kareena did not respond directly to the question, she shook her head and said, “Yes, yes”. Kareena also received a lot of support from other leading actresses. In the interview, the actress spoke about women filmmakers. It also talked about breaking some of the stereotypes. For years after marriage, actresses have had to say goodbye to their careers completely. But Kareena, who married Saif Ali Khan in 2012, not only continued her career but also achieved the biggest successes of her career and continued without affecting their married life or two pregnancies.

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