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Kannada actress Chethana Raj passes away at 21


Kannada actress Chethana Raj has allegedly died while going through plastic surgery. The actress was admitted to the medical clinic on May 16 for fat-free medical treatment, which turned out badly and damaged her health. She recently faced minor changes in her health post-surgery as water in her body began accumulating in her lungs.

A few reports guarantee that Chethana didn’t illuminate her parents about the medical surgery. The parents alleged that it was the hospital’s negligence that caused the death of the actress.

As the clinic didn’t have ICU, Chethana was moved to Kade Hospital yet the doctors at the emergency clinic supposedly asserted that she was brought dead. The medical clinic’s ICU Intensivist, Dr. Sandeep V at Kaade Hospital recorded an FIR at the police headquarters stating that someone entered the ICU and also threatened the security.

The police report read,

“At around 5:30 pm today, one doctor named Melvin who is an anaesthetist barged into our hospital with a patient (who was found unresponsive later) disregarding all the protocols of the hospital and threatening our security badly. Before our doctors could intervene and check the patient, he pushed the patient into our ICU and demanded that our doctors treat the patient on the lines indicated by him as the patient had suffered a Cardiac Arrest during some procedure at their hospital M/s Dr Shetty’s Cosmetic Centre, situated in Rajajinagar, Near Navrang Theater, Bangalore.No patient file or doctors recommendatory notes or any other document depicting her condition was produced to us.

On checking the patient she was found to have ‘No Pulse’ and on the insistence of Dr Melvin and the team, CPR was initiated after trying for approximately 45 minutes the patient could not be revived as it appeared that she was Brought Dead. Our doctors were forced to toe the line of Dr Melvin & team with threats and though they were aware that the patient was brought dead they were coerced into declaring only at 06:45 pm, for the reasons best known to them. We strongly object to this kind of behaviour by these doctors and if necessary we may decide to file a report against them. This report is being sent to you to bring to your notice this incident which does not appear normal”

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